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Boolean logic based desktop search center. AL-Search 2.50 Al-Search is a Boolean based desktop search center. Are too many irrelevant results ruining your searches? Do you have complicated, unique search needs? Al-Search lets you use brand new inclusion/exclusion/Boolean techniques that eliminate irrelevant results, and other text/date/time options to create more sophisticated searches than any other program! Group/sort/copy results! Create extracts/reports/exports! Large file support (up to 2GB.)

The Karnaugh map is a method to simplify Karnaugh Map Advanced 1.1 The Karnaugh map is a method to simplify Boolean algebra expressions. In a Karnaugh map the boolean variables are transferred (generally from a truth table) and ordered according to the principles of Gray code in which only one variable changes in between adjacent squares. Once the table is generated and the output possibilities are transcribed, the data is arranged into the largest possible groups containing 2n cells (n=0,1,2,3...) and the

Containing all of your Boolean logic needs. Boolean logic cheat sheet 1.01 Containing all of your Boolean logic needs. A wealth of information and a quick reference for important formulas. Laws of Logic - De Morgan - Commutative - Associative - Distributive - Identity - Idempotent - Absorption - Complement - Negation - Truth Table Rules of Inference - Modus Poens - Transitivity - Modus Tollens - Proof by Division into Cases - Elimination - Generalization - Conjunction - Specialization - Contradiction - Logical

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